Gouda Cheese

About Us

The Gouda Cheese Shop – Hillcrest was first opened, by cheese makers Ben and Fieke Meyer, in 1986. The current owners, Addy and Hans Nieremeijer, bought the shop from them in 1996 and moved it to its current location, by the Hillcrest roundabout, on SH1, just before you leave Hamilton. In May 2006 they decided to offer their customers an other choice by opening a second shop in Rototuna – Hamilton.

Hans brings his 30 years of catering experience into the business and he and Addy can advise you on all their products, match your cheese with wine and suggest the right product for that special occasion.

Since 2009 their son Brian has joined the business, adding to everything he has learned growing up with the business, by working alternately in both shops till they decided to open a third shop. The third shop is located in Tauranga and was opened on 1 December 2010. Brian is now running this shop.